Module bind


entity bind::Server

Parents: dns::Server

attribute string axfr_allowed=List()
attribute string additional_config=''
attribute string _zone_dir
attribute string _pkg_name
attribute string _svc_name
attribute string work_dir

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implementation bind::bindDnsServer
implementation bind::bindUbuntu
implementation bind::record
implementation bind::zoneFile


bind.nameservers(master_zones: list, slave_zones: list=[]) → list

Returns a list of all the name servers in ns records in the list of zones

bind.serial(zone: string, zonefile: string) → string

This plugin will check if the zonefile has been updated since the last compile. If the zone is update it will replace __SERIAL__ with the current UTC timestamp. If the zonefile has not been updated, it will use the previous serial.

  • zone – The name of the zone to check

  • zonefile – The actual zone file. This is a complete and valid zonefile with __SERIAL__ in it as placeholder. This placeholder is replaced with the current serial.