Module rest


entity rest::RESTCall

Parents: std::Resource

This resource executes a restcall during the execute phase of the handler

attribute string url_id
attribute string url

The url to call

attribute string method='GET'

The HTTP method to use

attribute dict body

The body of the the http call. By default this body is sent as a json body

attribute dict headers=Dict()

Additional headers to pass to the server.

attribute bool form_encoded=false

Use form encoding for the body

attribute bool ssl_verify=true

Verify the ssl cert of the server

attribute string? auth_user=null

The user to authenticate with

attribute string? auth_password=null

The password to authenticate with

attribute number[] return_codes=List()

Returns code that indicate that the call was successfull

attribute string? validate_return=null

An JQ expression to validate the return result of the call. The result of this JQ expression evaluates to a python true or false.

attribute bool skip_on_fail=false

Report this resource as skipped instead of failed.

attribute string agent='internal'

The agent to initiate the REST call from

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implementation rest::restCallID


class rest.RESTCall

A Call to a rest endpoint


class rest.RESTHandler