Module platform#


entity platform::UserdataBootstrap#

Parents: std::Entity

Bootstrap an inmanta agent on the host by passing a shell script to the virtual machine user data. Setting the INMANTA_RELEASE environment variable to dev will install the agent from development snapshots.

The user script will force the correct hostname and setenforce 0 to disable enforcing selinux.


Currently this script only support centos 7 or equivalent (rhel7, aws linux, sl7, …), Ubuntu and Fedora.

relation platform::UserdataVM vm [1]#

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entity platform::UserdataVM#

Parents: std::Entity

Base class for virtual machines that provide a user_data attribute through which a shell script can be injected at first boot of the virtual machine.

attribute string user_data#

A shell script that is executed at first boot.


implementation platform::userdataBootstrap#