Environment variables#

Environment variables can be supplied to the Inmanta server and its agents.

Supplying environment variables to the Inmanta server#

The Inmanta server loads the environment variables specified in /etc/sysconfig/inmanta-server at startup. The example below defines three environment variables:


These environment variables are accessible in a configurationmodel via the std::get_env(name: "string", default_value: "string"=None) plugin as shown in the following snippet:

1import std
2import openstack
4provider = openstack::Provider(name="openstack",
5                               connection_url=std::get_env("OS_AUTH_URL"),
6                               username=std::get_env("OS_USERNAME"),
7                               password=std::get_env("OS_PASSWORD"),
8                               tenant="dev")

Supplying environment variables to an agent#

A manually started agent loads the environment variables specified in /etc/sysconfig/inmanta-agent at startup. This can be useful when a handler relies on the value of a certain environment variable.