Inmanta Service Orchestrator Documentation#

Welcome to the Inmanta Service Orchestrator documentation!

Inmanta empowers telecom operators and service providers to speed up service delivery and reduce the total cost of ownership through efficient, end-to-end automation. No longer is automation limited to silos and vendor-specific solutions – you can now integrate with various domains and best-in-class components from any vendor.

Inmanta Service Orchestrator is an automation and orchestration tool to efficiently deploy and manage your end-to-end services across physical and virtual domains and multi-vendor environments. Inmanta’s open and extensible micro-services architecture combined with powerful, intent-based service modelling provides the flexibility and efficiency to rapidly create, customize and roll-out new services, while eliminating costly operational errors.

The key characteristics of Inmanta Service Orchestrator are:

  • End-to-end: Inmanta Service Orchestrator ensures end-to-end consistency, higher flexibility and a shorter time to cash by enabling end-to-end automation of all service delivery aspects:

    • Multi-domain: designed to interact across physical and virtual domains, such as WAN, edge, access network, NFV, cloud, containers, and datacenter.

    • Holistic: A single, unifying automation solution, providing service orchestration, network orchestration, NFV orchestration (NFVO), as well as generic VNF management (gVNFM), cloud orchestration and configuration management. No other automation tools required.

    • Full lifecyle: Manage advanced service lifecycle, covering creation, on-boarding, provisioning, modification, scaling, upgrading and decommissioning.

  • Intent-based programmability: Inmanta optimizes service development and maintenance for telecom operators and service providers through its unifying, model-driven methodology for intent-based orchestration.

    • Inmanta’s powerful domain-specific language (DSL) simplifies service creation and management, and is based on infrastructure as code (IaC) principles to provide a unified way to automate multi-domain and multi-vendor services. The embedded DSL enables the development of modular building blocks that make abstraction of low-level details, enabling re-usability across use cases.

    • Inmanta’s intent-based programmability provides out-of-the-box self-healing, safe roll-back, detailed dry run and seamless service upgrades for enhanced stability and resilience.

  • Vendor agnostic: Inmanta Service Orchestrator is truly open and vendor agnostic for all network layers, domains and OSS/BSS. Service providers can integrate with 3rd party solutions as well as a wide range of open-source technologies to build a best-in-class, all-encompassing solution.

    • Interoperability through pluggable adapters and open APIs

    • API-ification of orchestrated services to easily plug services into the OSS/BSS environment

    • Support for brownfield environments by fine-grained roll-out

The Inmanta Service Orchestrator product is based on mature technology backed by 15+ years of research and interaction with companies offering telecom and cloud services.

PDF version#

Download: inmanta.pdf