Inmanta Compile Data Reference#

This page documents the compile data output when compiling with the –export-compile-data flag. The structure of this JSON is defined by which inherits from pydantic.BaseModel. To produce the JSON representation of the object, model.json() is called. See the pydantic documentation for more information on how exactly a JSON is generated from a model.

class*, errors: list[Error])[source]#

Bases: BaseModel

Top level structure of compiler data to be exported.

errors: list[Error]#

All errors occurred while trying to compile.

class inmanta.ast.export.Error(*, category: ErrorCategory = ErrorCategory.runtime, type: str, message: str, location: Location | None = None, **extra_data: Any)[source]#

Bases: BaseModel

Error occurred while trying to compile.

category: ErrorCategory#

Category of this error.

location: Location | None#

Location where this error occurred.

message: str#

Error message.

type: str#

Fully qualified name of the actual exception.

class inmanta.ast.export.ErrorCategory(value)[source]#

Bases: str, Enum

Category of an error.

parser = 'parse_error'#

Error occurred while parsing.

plugin = 'plugin_exception'#

A plugin explicitly raised an inmanta.plugins.PluginException.

runtime = 'runtime_error'#

Error occurred after parsing.

class inmanta.ast.export.Location(*, uri: str, range: Range)[source]#

Bases: BaseModel

Location in a file. Based on the LSP spec 3.15

range: Range#
uri: str#
class inmanta.ast.export.Range(*, start: Position, end: Position)[source]#

Bases: BaseModel

Range in a file. Based on the LSP spec 3.15

end: Position#
start: Position#
class inmanta.ast.export.Position(*, line: int, character: int)[source]#

Bases: BaseModel

Position in a file. Based on the LSP spec 3.15

character: int#
line: int#