Unreleased changes (2021-11-29)

Inmanta-core: unreleased changes (2021-11-29)

New features

  • Added resource_deploy_start endpoint (Issue #2928)

  • Added resource_deploy_done endpoint (Issue #2931)

  • Added helper method for reliable event processing (Issue #2941)

  • Improved south bound integration documentation (Issue #2954)

  • Compiler improvement: made is defined gradually executable

  • Added resource_list endpoint (Issue #3045)

  • Added resource_details endpoint (Issue #3046)

  • Added support to build V2 modules into a Python package. (Issue #3047)

  • Added resource_history endpoint (Issue #3048)

  • Added the ability to package V1 modules as V2 modules (Issue #3049)

  • Added inmanta module v1tov2 command. (Issue #3050)

  • Added V2 package loader (Issue #3051)

  • Updated inmanta module install to install v2 modules from source.

  • Added the inmanta module add command. (Issue #3089)

  • Added resource_logs endpoint (Issue #3109)

  • Added endpoint to list compile reports (Issue #3131)

  • Added endpoint to get compile details (Issue #3132)

  • Added raw strings to the inmanta language.

  • Restructured module developer guide

  • added operational procedures documentation

  • added instructions about passwordless sudo to remote agent setup

  • Added documentation regarding modules V2. (Issue #3023)

  • Port the agent to the new deploy handler method. (Issue #2940)

Upgrade notes

  • On newly created environments, the environment setting purge_on_delete will be set to false by default instead of true. This overrides any purge_on_delete settings on individual resources. You need to explicitly set it to true to enable the old behavior again. (Issue #2958)

  • “The compiler venv has been phased out. The compiler will now use the venv used to execute the inmanta compile command.” (Issue #3096)

  • Compiler no longer installs modules on the fly, inmanta project install needs to be run to install required modules

  • Project.load() no longer installs Project dependencies. Pass install=True for the old behavior.

  • NOTSET is no longer accepted as a log level by the agent’s context logger. It was not a valid log level before, but it was accepted by the agent.

  • After upgrading the Inmanta server, all virtual environments used by the compiler and the agents have to be removed. Use the following procedure to achive this:

    • Stop the Inmanta server

    • Remove all /var/lib/inmanta/server/environments/<environment-id>/.env directories

    • Remove all /var/lib/inmanta/<environment-id> directories

    • Start the Inmanta server again

Deprecation notes

  • inmanta module install no longer installs all modules for a project. This has moved to inmanta project install.

  • The inmanta module list -r command has been deprecated in favor of inmanta project freeze

Bug fixes

  • Fixed docstring-parser compatibility after non-backwards compatible changes and constrained dependency to semi-safe range.

  • Ensure that special characters in the resource action log are not escaped. (Issue inmanta/inmanta-lsm#699)

  • Fixed agent cache behavior when cache_none is provided

  • Fix dollar sign escaping issue in installation documentation

  • The tests folder is no longer included into the sdist package

  • Removed NOTSET loglevel from all API’s

Inmanta-dashboard: unreleased changes (2021-11-29)

No changelog entries.

Release 2021.2.1 (2021-06-01)

Inmanta-core: release 5.1.1 (2021-06-01)

Bug fixes

  • Add upperbound to docstring-parser dependency so that pip install does not fail

Inmanta-dashboard: release 3.7.0 (2021-06-01)

No changelog entries.

Release 2021.2 (2021-05-05)

Inmanta-core: release 5.1.0 (2021-05-05)

New features

  • Mark the stable API using a decorator (Issue #2414)

  • More strictly validate the schema of the project.yml and module.yml file (Issue #2723)

  • Updated db schema update mechanism to track all installed versions (Issue #2724)

  • Add partial support for collection type parameters for GET methods (Issue #2775)

  • Add changelog section to the documentation (Issue inmanta/irt#417)

  • Added developer getting started guide

  • Added experimental caching support to the compiler

  • Improved Inmanta install guide for Debian

  • Extended stable API documentation (Issue inmanta/inmanta-lsm#408)

  • Added built-in performance micro-benchmark, to help diagnose performance issues

  • Added ability to do pip install inmanta-core[pytest-inmanta-extension]

Deprecation notes

  • Deprecated yaml dictionary syntax for module requires

Bug fixes

  • Correctly describe in the documentation how version constraints can be set on module dependencies in the module.yml file (Issue #2723)

  • Ensure that an error at agent startup time is properly logged. (Issue #2777)

  • Fixed compiler issue on rescheduling of plugins breaking the cycle breaking (Issue #2787)

  • Fixed compiler issue on cycle breaking (Issue #2811)

  • Fixed typos in language.rst file

  • Changed python versions in install doc

Other notes

  • To enable caching on the compiler, either set the config value compiler.cache in the .inmanta file or pass the option --experimental-cache to inmanta compile

Inmanta-dashboard: release 3.7.0 (2021-05-05)

No changelog entries.

Release 2021.1 (2021-02-25)

inmanta-core: 5.0.0 (2021-02-25)

Bug fixes

  • Fix broken order by (#2638)

  • Report the Inmanta OSS product version correctly (#2622)

  • Set PYTHONPATH so that all subprocesses also see packages in parent venv (#2650, #2747)

  • Create virtual environments without pip and use the pip of the parent venv

  • Correctly set [:n] as syntactic sugar for [0:n] instead of leaving lower unbound (#2689)

New features

  • Add installation procedure for el8 to installation documentation

Release 2020.6 (2020-12-23)

inmanta-core: 4.0.0 (2020-12-23)

New features

  • Add support to use a custom venv path in the Project class (#2466)

  • Added more specific location information for attributes (#2481)

  • Added plugin call anchors to support ctrl-clicking a plugin call (#1954)

  • Added rpdb signal handler (#2170)

  • Added pagination support on api calls for agent and agentproc (#2500)

  • Added support to build RPMs for a python version different from Python3.6 (#1857)

  • Added support for assigning null to relations with lower arity 0 (#2459)

  • Added documentation on the core dashboard (inmanta/dashboard#63)

  • Decouple the compiler version from the OSS product version (#2573)

  • Show versions of all installed components when running inmanta --version (#2574)

Bug fixes

  • Fix broken links in the documentation (#2495)

  • Fixed bug in serialization of Resource with Unknowns in collections (#2603)

  • Fixed documentation of install_mode

  • Ensure all running compilations are stopped when the server is stopped (#2508)

  • Cleanup old entries in the agentprocess and agentinstance database tables (#2499)

  • Ensure the compiler service takes into account the environment variables set on the system (#2413)

  • Fix --server_address option on inmanta export (#2514)

  • Handle failure in an event handler consistently for local and non-local agents (#2509)

  • Fix for cross agent dependencies responding to unavailable resources (#2501)

  • Handle JSON serialization errors in handler log messages (#1875)

  • Fixed too restrictive typing (and coercing) of AttributeStateChange (#2540)

  • Export command should raise exception on failure (#2487)

Upgrade notes

  • Ensure the database is backed up before executing an upgrade.

Other notes

  • The inmanta core package is renamed from inmanta to inmanta-core to allow for true semantic versioning starting at 4.0.0. A new inmanta package is provided that includes inmanta-core and continues the <year>.<minor>[.<patch>] version schema.

Release 2020.5 (2020-10-27)

New features

  • Added support for environment markers as described in PEP 508 to module requirements parsing (#2359)

  • Added design guide to the documentation

  • Improved error message when plugin loading fails to include original exception and location (#2385)

  • Improved duplicate attributes error message (#2386)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed import loop when using inmanta.execute.proxy as entry point (#2341)

  • Fixed import loop when using inmanta.resources as entry point (#2342)

  • Clearing an environment with merged compile requests no longer fails (#2350)

  • Fixed compiler bug (#2378)

  • Fix “compile_data_json_file” referenced before assignment (#2361)

  • Fix server-autorecompile-wait config option (#2262)

  • Specify the supported values of the ‘format’ parameter of the OpenAPI endpoint explicitly (#2369)

  • Fix version cli argument conflict (#2358)

  • Don’t remove resource independent parameters on version deletion (#2370)

  • Enhance installation documentation (#2241, #2356, #2357)

  • Ensure that a protected environment can’t be decommissioned (#2376)

  • Don’t load all code on agent start (#2343)

  • Allow empty body in else branch for if-else statement (#2375)

  • Fixed export failure with null in dict (#2437)

  • Fixed small documentation issues

  • Only store single agent instance in database for each distinct instance to prevent database overflow when agent rapidly and repeatadly dis- and reconnects (#2394)

Release 2020.4 (2020-09-08)

New features

  • Added merging of similar compile requests to the compile queue (#2137)

  • Export all handler’s / resource’s module’s plugin source files so helper functions can be used from sibling modules (#2162, #2312)

  • Added documentation on how a string is matched against a regex defined in a regex-based typedef (#2214)

  • Added API to query ResourceActions

  • Added support to query the resource action log of a resource via the CLI (#2253)

  • Added conditional expression to the language with syntax condition ? x: y (#1987)

  • Add support for inmanta-cli click plugins

  • Added link to the PDF version of the documentation

  • Added environment setting for agent_trigger_method (#2025)

  • Expose compile data as exported by inmanta compile --export-compile-data via API (inmanta/inmanta-telco#54, #2317)

  • Added typedmethod decorator strict_typing parameter to allow Any types for those few cases where it’s required (#2301)

  • Added API method for halting all environment operations (#2228)

Upgrade notes

  • Ensure the database is backed up before executing an upgrade.

  • Option inmanta compile --json is renamed to inmanta compile --export-compile-data

  • DynamicProxy.__getattr__ now raises an AttributeError instead of a plain NotFoundException when an attribute can not be found, for compatibility with Python’s builtin hasattr. This change is backwards compatible, though it is recommended to except on AttributeError over NotFoundException. (#2991)

Bug fixes

  • Restore support to pass mocking information to the compiler

  • Disallow parameters mapped to a header to be passed via the body instead (#2151)

  • Handle skipped and unavailable as failures when calculating increments (#2184)

  • Constrain agent name to string values (#2172)

  • Fix for allowing comments in the requirements.txt file of modules (#2206)

  • Allow equality checks between types to support optional value overrides (#2243)

  • Don’t add path params as query params to the url in the client (#2246)

  • Allow Optional as return type for typedmethods (#2277)

  • Made Dict- and SequenceProxy serializable to allow exporter to wrap dict and list attributes in other data structures (#2121)

  • Improved reporting of PluginException (#2304)

Release 2020.3 (2020-07-02)

New features

  • Added cleanup mechanism of old compile reports (#2054)

  • Added compiler.json option and --json compile flag to export structured compile data such as occurred errors (#1206)

  • Added troubleshooting documentation (#1211)

  • Documentation on compiler API and JSON (#2060)

  • Documentation on valid client types (#2015)

  • Improved documentation on handler development (#1278)

  • Added further documentation to inmanta-cli command (#2057)

  • Documentation of config option types (#2072)

  • Added method names as Operation Id to OpenApi definition (#2053)

  • Added documentation of exceptions to the platform developers guide (#1210)

  • Extended documentation of autostarted agent settings (#2040)

  • Typing Improvements

  • Redirect stdout and stderr to /var/log/inmanta/agent.{out,err} for agent service (#2091)

  • Added resource name to log lines in agent log.

  • Better reporting of json decoding errors on requests (#2107)

  • Faster recovery of agent sessions

  • Add compiler entrypoint to get types and scopes (#2114)

  • Add support to push facts via the handler context (#593)

Upgrade notes

  • Ensure the database is backed up before executing an upgrade.

  • Updated Attribute.get_type() to return the full type instead of just the base type (inmanta/inmanta-sphinx#29)

  • Overriding parent attribute type with the same base type but different modifiers (e.g. override number with number[]) is no longer allowed. This was previously possible due to bug (#2132)

Bug fixes

  • Various small issues (#2134)

  • Fixed issue of autostarted agents not being restarted on environment setting change (#2049)

  • Log primary for agent correctly in the database when pausing/unpausing agents (#2079)

  • Cancel scheduled deploy operations of an agent when that agent is paused (#2077)

  • Fix agent-names config type (#2071)

  • Ensure the internal agent is always present in the autostart_agent_map of auto-started agents (#2101)

  • Cancel scheduled ResourceActions when AgentInstance is stopped (#2106)

  • Decoding of REST return value for content type html with utf-8 charset (#2074)

  • Empty list option in config no longer interpreted as list of empty string (#2097)

  • Correct closing of agentcache

  • Agent cross environment communication bug (#2163)

  • Fixed an issue where an argument missing from a request would result in a http-500 error instead of 400 (#2152)

  • Ensure agent is in proper state after URI change (#2138)

  • Removed warning about collecting requirements for project that has not been loaded completely on initial compile (#2125)

v 2020.2 (2020-04-24) Changes in this release:

Breaking changes

  • Non-boolean arguments to boolean operators are no longer allowed, this was previously possible due to bug (#1808)

  • Server will no longer start if the database schema is for a newer version (#1878)

  • The environment setting autostart_agent_map should always contain an entry for the agent “internal” (#1839)


  • Leaving a nullable attribute unassigned now produces a deprecation warning. Explicitly assign null instead. (#1775)

  • Default constructors (typedef MyType as SomeEntityType(some_field = “some_value”)). Use inheritance instead. (#402)

  • Old relation syntax (A aa [0:] – [0:] B bb) (#2000)


  • Various compiler error reporting improvements (#1810, #1920)

  • Fixed cache leak in agent when deployments are canceled (#1883)

  • Improved robustness of modules update (#1885)

  • Removed environmental variables from agent report (#1891)

  • Use asyncio subprocess instead of tornado subprocess (#1792)

  • Added warning for incorrect database migration script names (#1912)

  • Agent manager remains consistent when the database connection is lost (#1893)

  • Ensure correct version is used in api docs (#1994)

  • Fixed double assignment error resulting from combining constructor kwargs with default values (#2003)

  • Fixed recursive unwrapping of dict return values from plugins (#2004)

  • Resource action update is now performed in a single transaction, eliminating the possibility of inconsistent state (#1944)

  • Type.type_string is now defined as returning the representation of the type in the inmanta DSL (inmanta/lsm#75)


  • Experimental data trace, root cause and graphic data flow visualization applications (#1820, #1831, #1821, #1822)

  • Warning when shadowing variable (#1366, #1918)

  • Added support for compiler warnings (#1779, #1905, #1906)

  • Added support for DISABLED flag for database migration scripts (#1913)

  • Added v5 database migration script (#1914)

  • Added support for declaring implement using parents together with normal implement declaration list (#1971)

  • Resource Action Log now includes timestamps (#1496)

  • Added support to pause an agent (#1128)

  • Added –no-tag option to module tool (#1939)

  • Added base exception for plugins and corresponding documentation (#1205)

  • Added tags to openapi definition (#1751)

  • Added support to pause an agent (#1128, #1982)

  • Plugins are now imported in the inmanta_plugins package to allow importing submodules (#507)

  • Added event listener to Environment Service (#1996)

  • Autostarted agents can load a new value for the autostart_agent_map setting without agent restart (#1839)

  • Added protected environment option (#1997)

  • Added warning when trying to override a built-in type with a typedef (#81)

  • Added inmanta-cli documentation to the docs (#1992)

v 2020.1 (2020-02-19) Changes in this release:


  • Added support for conditions as expressions and vice versa (#1815)

Breaking changes

  • Entity instances are no longer allowed in list and dict attributes, this was previously possible due to bug (#1435)


  • Fixed incorrect parsing of booleans as conditions (#1804)

  • Added support for nullable types in plugins (#674)

  • Inmanta type module cleanup and type coverage

  • Various compiler error reporting improvements (#1584, #1341, #1600, #1292, #1652, #1221, #1707, #1480, #1767, #1766, #1762, #1575)

  • CRUDHandler bugfix, ensure update is not called on purged resources

  • Changes in default values: AUTO_DEPLOY, PUSH_ON_AUTO_DEPLOY are enabled by default, AGENT_TRIGGER_METHOD_ON_AUTO_DEPLOY is set to incremental deployment

  • Fixed deadlock triggered by std::AgenConfigHandler (#1662)

  • Removed the resourceversionid table from the database (#1627)

  • Remote machines not being available or not having a python interpreter now results in a clearer error.

  • Parse comments and urls correctly from the requirements.txt file of an Inmanta module (#1764)


  • Added support for dict lookup in conditions (#1573)

  • Added support for type casts for primitive types (#1798)

  • Added support for multiline string interpolations (#1568)

  • Added int type to the language (#1568)

  • Add get_environment_id to exporter (#1683)

  • Added inmanta-cli environment save command (#1666)

  • Added finalizer support to @cache annotation

  • Added support to parse the docstring of an entity

  • Added support for **dict as kwargs for constructor calls and index lookups (#620, #1702)

  • Added support for kwargs in plugin calls, as named arguments as well as using **dict (#1143)


  • Removed the inmanta module validate command. Use pytest-inmanta fixtures to test your modules instead.

  • Removed Forms functionality (#1667)

v 2019.5 (2019-12-05) Changes in this release:


  • Compiler bugfix, ensure done nodes are correctly removed from zerowaiters

  • Fixed memory leak in database layer

  • Fixed lexing of strings ending in an escaped backslash (#1601)

  • Fixed bug where module freeze results in empty module.yml (#1598)

  • Fixed inconsistent behavior of export and export -j (#1595)


  • Added environment variables for config, env variables overwrite all other forms of config (#1507)

v 2019.4 (2019-10-30) Changes in this release:

  • Various bugfixes (#1367,#1398,#736, #1454)

  • Added if statement (#1325)

  • Added CORS Access-Control-Allow-Origin header configuration (#1306)

  • Added –version option (#1291)

  • Added retry to moduletool update, to allow updating of corrupt projects (#177)

  • RPM-based installations on Fedora are not supported anymore

  • Added option to configure asyncpg pool (#1304)

  • Split out the main service into many smaller services (#1388)

  • Use python3 from the core OS in Dockerfile

  • Introduce v2 protocol and implement project and environment api in v2 (#1412)

  • Improve agent documentation (#1389)

  • Improve language reference documentation (#1419)

  • Change autostart_agent_deploy_splay_time from 600 to 10 (#1447)

  • Introduce the bind-address and bind-port config option (#1442)

  • Switch to sequential version numbers instead of timestamps (#1011)

  • Fixed memory leak in TaskHandler

  • Don’t install packages inherited from the parent virtualenv

  • Added logging to CRUD methods of handler and a diff method with context

  • HTTP errors are logged at DEBUG level only (#1282)

  • Verify hashes when serving a file (#532)

  • Mark resource as failed when code loading fails (#1520)

  • Print extra env variables in init log and only store those in database (#1482)

  • Add feature manager for enabling and disabling orchestrator features (#1530)

  • Add get_environment_id to plugin context (#1331)

  • Log server bind address and bind port on startup (#1475)

  • Fix warning about transport config (#1203)

  • Add setting to environment to disable purge on delete (#1546)


  • Older compiler versions are no longer supported with this server

  • The Inmanta server now listens on by default, while this was in previous versions. This behavior is configurable with the bind-address config option.


  • The server_rest_transport.port config option is deprecated in favor of the server.bind-port option.

v 2019.3 (2019-09-05) Changes in this release:

  • Various bugfixes (#1148, #1157, #1163, #1167, #1188)

  • Abort server startup if the database can not be reached (#1153)

  • Use native coroutines everywhere (async def)

  • Updated dockerfile and docker-compose to use postgres and centos

  • Added extensions mechanism (#565, #1185)

  • Add /serverstatus api call to get version info, loaded slices and extensions (#1184)

  • Support to set environment variables on the Inmanta server and its agents

  • Split of server recompile into separate server slice (#1183)

  • Add API to inspect compiler service queue (#1252)

  • Define explicit path in protocol methods

  • Added support for schema management for multiple slices in the same database (#1207)

  • Marked pypi package as typed

  • Create pytest-inmanta-extensions package for extensions testing

  • Added support for /etc/inmanta/inmanta.d style configuration files (#183)

  • Increased the iteration limit to 10000. This value is controlled with INMANTA_MAX_ITERATIONS environment variable.

  • Added support for custom resource deserialization by adding the ‘populate’ method

  • Improve compiler scaling by using more efficient data structures

  • Added the –export-plugin option to the export command (#1277)

  • Only one of set_created, set_updated or set_purged may be called now from a handler

  • Remove facts when the resource is no longer present in any version (#1027)

  • Successful exports without resources or unknowns will now be exported

  • Export plugins will not run when the compile has failed

  • Documentation updates and improvements (#1209)


  • The files /etc/inmanta/agent.cfg and /etc/inmanta/server.cfg are not used anymore. More information about the available configuration files can be found in the documentation pages under Administrator Documentation -> Configuration files.

v 2019.2 (2019-04-30) Changes in this release:

  • Various bugfixes (#1046, #968, #1045)

  • Migration from mongodb to postgres (#1023, #1024, #1025, #1030)

  • Added metering using pyformance

  • Added influxdb reporter for protocol endpoint metrics

  • Remove the configuration option agent-run-at-start (#1055)

  • Add project id and environment id as optional parameters to API call (#1001)

  • Fixed an issue which cleared the environment on remote python 2 interpreters

  • Improve deploy command resilience and added option to work with dashboard

  • Added API endpoint to trigger agents deploy (#1052)

  • Documentation updates and improvements (#905)

v 2019.1 (2019-03-06) Changes in this release:

  • Various bugfixes and performance enhancements (#873, #772, #958, #959, #955)

  • Dependency updates

  • Introduce incremental deploy (#791, #794, #793, #792, #932, #795)

  • Introduce deploying resource state (#931)

  • Introduce request_timeout option for transport settings

  • Add support to run the compiler on windows

  • Add exception explainer to compiler for ‘modified after freeze’ (#876)

  • Improve log format, added replace file name with logger name

  • Split out logs, stdout and stderr in autostarted agents (#824, #234)

  • Add logging of resource actions on the server and purging of resource actions in the database (#533)

  • Improve agent logging

  • Replace virtualenv by python standard venv (#783)

  • Update to Tornado 5, moving from tornado ioloop to the standard python async framework (#765)

  • Use urllib client for fetching jwks public keys

  • Remove all io_loop references and only use current ioloop (#847)

  • Remove environment directory from server when environment is removed (#838)

  • Catch various silent test failures

  • Extend mypy type annotations

  • Port unit tests to pytest-asyncio and fix deprecation warnings (#743)

  • Raise exception on bad export to make inmanta export fail with exit status > 0

  • Refactor protocol

  • Improve lazy execution for attributes

  • Update autogenerated config file for agents with correct server hostname (#892)


  • Minimal python version is now python 3.6

  • Removal of snapshot and restore functionality from the server (#789)

  • Removed the non-version api (#526)

  • The config option agent-interval, agent-splay, autostart_agent_interval and autostart_splay are deprecated in favour of agent-deploy-interval, agent-deploy-splay-time, autostart_agent_deploy_interval and autostart_agent_deploy_splay_time respectively. The deprecated options will be removed in release 2019.2

v 2018.3 (2018-12-07) Changes in this release:

  • Various bugfixes and performance enhancements

  • Dependency updates

  • Added improved error reporting to CLI (#814)

  • Fixed missing re-raise on pip install (#810)

  • Add pytest plugins (#786)

  • Extra test cases for the data module + two bugfixes (#805)

  • Fix deprecation warnings (#785)

  • Reorganized test case in more modules to reduce the number of merge conflicts (#764)

  • Prevent purge_on_delete due to failed compile (#780)

  • Add mypy to tox and improve typing annotations (no enforcement yet) (#763)

  • Removed incorrect uninitialize of subprocess signal handler (#778, #777)

  • Fix modules do command (#760)

  • Changed process_events so that it is called even when processing a skip. (#761)

  • Track all locations where an instance has been created. (fixes #747)

  • Add start to the index for the get_log query (#758)

  • Improved reporting of nested exceptions (#746)

  • Added compiler check on index attributes so an index on a nullable attribute now raises a compiler error. (#745)

  • Added support for lazy attribute execution in constructors (#729)

  • Big update to module and project version freeze. See documentation for more details (#106)

  • Added argument to @plugin to allow unknown objects as arguments (#754)

  • Fix for deploy of undefined resource (#627)

  • Improved handling ofr dryrun failures (#631)

  • Correctly store and report empty facts (#731)

  • Allow get facts from undeployed or undefined resources (#726)

  • Minor changes for ide alpha release (#607)

  • Added uniqueness check to indices (#715)

  • Bugfixes in handling of optional attributes (#724)

  • Transport cleanup (added bootloader, split off session management) (#564)

  • Reserved keywords in resources (#645)

  • Fix a bug in option definition

  • Use own mongobox implementation that works with mongo >= 4

  • Fixed reporting on undefined list attributes (#657)

  • Improved list freeze for gradual execution (#643)

  • Fixed bug in bounds check (#671)

  • Improved error reporting on bad assignment (#670)

  • Improved error reporting on missing type (#672)

  • Added in operator for dicts (#673)

v 2018.2 (2018-07-30) Changes in this release:

  • Various bugfixes and performance enhancements

  • Dependency updates

  • The internal storage format for code is optimized. This introduces API and schema changes. This release supports both storage versions. The old version will be removed in the next release.

  • Support formatter in repo url

  • Make export of complete model configurable

  • Use id of loopvar instead of hash to support iteration over list returned by plugins

  • Fix error in default args for list attribute (#633)

  • Add multi level map lookup (#622 and #632)

  • Improved deploy, make deploy sync

  • Added improved error message for lower bound violations on relations (#610)

  • Fixes for empty optionals (#609)

  • Added improved logging to context handler (#602)

  • Added fix for string representation (#552)

  • Added support for single quotes (#589)

  • Fix in operator in typedefs (#596)

  • Fixed line numbers on MLS (#601)

  • Added += operator for assignment to lists (#587)

  • Add a synchronous protocol client

  • Fix error message for wrong type in ctor

  • Improve index error reporting

  • Fix validate on modules with no commited version

  • Set purged=false on clone in CRUDHandler (#582)

  • Add gzip encoding support to protocol (#576)

  • added anchormap functions to compiler

  • Improved error reporting on for loops (#553)

v 2018.1 (2018-02-09) Changes in this release:

  • Various bugfixes and performance enhancements

  • Dependency updates

  • Ubuntu 14.04 mongo (2.4) is no longer supported. Version 2.6 or higher is required.

  • The inmanta API endpoint is now versioned and available under /api/v1. The old API methods still work, but are deprecated and will be removed in the next release.

  • Added support for escapes in regex (#540)

  • Added per env config for agent_interval (#542): This adds an per environment setting that controls the agent interval for the agents started by the server.

  • Removed implicit string to number conversion (#539)

  • Fix dockerfile (#538)

  • Fixed execnet resource leak (#534)

  • Solution for resource leak issue in agent (#518): Numerous stability fixes for the agent related to resource leaks and races

  • Remove compile reports on env clean

  • Refactor report API: The report list no longer contains the output of the processes. This reduces the size of the response.

  • Fix recompile triggered from a form change

  • Add missing mongo indexes to improve performance

  • Remove catchlog from tox run

  • Create a post method for notify: only the post method allows to pass metadata

  • Fix trigger metadata (#520): Add compile metadata to each version. Fixes #519 and add delete with resource_id for parameters

  • Add representation for null value

v 2017.4 (2017-11-27) Changes in this release:

  • Various bugfixes and performance enhancements

  • Dependency updates

  • added keyword parents, and implemented implementation inheritance (#504)

  • set_param recompile parameter

  • Raise an exception when duplicate resources are exported (#513)

  • Added fix for index issue (#512)

  • Allow to configure server compile per environment

  • Add remove parameter API call

  • Attributes and lists now accept trailing comma (#502)

  • Added check for attribute redefinition within one entity (#503)

  • Parse bool values in the rest api

  • Fix bug in dryrun reporting with auth enabled

v 2017.3 (2017-10-27) Changes in this release:

  • Various bugfixes and performance enhancements

  • Dependency updates

  • Add relation annotations to the relation attribute and resolve it for exporters to use

  • Documentation improvements

  • Add an undefined resource state to the server (#489) Previously all unknown handling was done in the server. This resulted in strange reporting as the number of managed resource could go up and down. Now, an additional resource state “undefined” is introduced. This state is handled similar to skipped during deploys. Undefined resources are undeployable.

  • Undeployable resources are now already marked as finished at the moment a version is released or a dryrun is requested. Resources that depend on resources in an undeployable state will be skipped on the server as well.

  • Sort index attributes: This patch ensure that std::File(host, path) and std::File(path, host) are the same indexes.

  • Improved modules list ouput: rename columns and added a column to indicate matching rows

  • Improve attribute check. fixes (#487)

  • Fix index issues related with inheritance (#488)

  • When a resource is purged, its facts will be removed. (#3)

  • Add location to type not found exception in relation (#475. #294)

  • Add JWT authz and limitation to env and client type (#473)

  • Added fix for function execution in constraints (#470)

  • Each agent instance now has its own threadpool to execute handlers. (#461)

  • Allow agent instances to operate independently (#483)

  • Improved error reporting on parser errors (#468, #466)

  • Fixed selection of lazy arguments (#465)

v 2017.2 (2017-08-28) Changes in this release:

  • Various bugfixes and performance enhancements

  • Dependency updates

  • Preserve env variables when using sudo in the agent

  • Prune all versions instead of only the ones that have not been released.

  • Use python 2.6 compatible syntax for the remote io in the agent

  • Gradual execution for for-loops and constructors

  • Stop agents and expire session on clear environment

  • Improve purge_on_delete semantics

  • New autostart mechanism (#437)

  • Add settings mechanism to environment. More settings will become environment specific in later releases.

  • Do not create index in background to prevent race conditions

  • Add support for exception to the json serializer

  • Invert requires for purged resources (purge_on_delete)

  • Add autodeploy_splay option

  • Remove ruaml yaml dependency (#292)

  • Handle modified_count is None for mongodb < 2.6

  • Add python3.6 support

  • Add nulable types

  • Various documentation updates

  • Added monitor command to inmanta-cli (#418)

  • Generate inmanta entrypoint with setuptools

  • Update quickstart to use centos

  • Improve event mechanism (#416)

  • Added auto newline at end of file (#413)

  • Improved type annotations for plugins and improved object unwrapping (#412)

  • Inline index lookup syntax (#411)

  • Added cycle detection (#401)

  • Fixed handling of newlines in MLS lexer mode (#392)

  • Added docstring to relations, typedef, implementation and implement (#386)

  • Fix agent-map propagation from deploy

v 2017.1 (2017-03-29) New release with many improvements and bug fixes. Most noteable features include:

  • Port CLI tool to click and improve it. This removes cliff and other openstack deps from core

  • Complete rewrite of the database layer removing the dependency on motorengine and improve scalability.

  • Cleanup of many API calls and made them more consistent

  • Improved handler protocol and logging to the server.

v 2016.6 (2017-01-08) Mainly a bugfix and stabilisation release. No new features.

v 2016.5 (2016-11-28) New release with upgraded server-agent protocol

  • Upgraded server agent protocol

  • New relation syntax

v 2016.4 (2016-09-05) New relase of the core platform

  • Various compiler improvements

  • Add list types

  • Cleanup of is defined syntax in the DSL and templates

  • Many additional test cases

  • Various bugfixes

v 2016.3 (2016-08-18) New release. Way to late due to kids and vacation.

  • Added SSL support

  • Added auth to server

  • Add JIT loading of modules

  • Various bug fixes

v 2016.2.3 (2016-05-30)

  • Fix memory leak in server

v 2016.2.2 (2016-05-25)

  • Remove urllib3 dependency to ease packaging on el7

v 2016.2.1 (2016-05-04)

  • Various bugfixes related to new ODM and async IO

v 2016.2 (2016-05-02)

  • First bi-monthly release of Inmanta

  • New compiler that speeds up compilation an order of magnitude

  • All RPC is now async on the tornado IOLoop

  • New async ODM for MongoDB

  • Increased test coverage